Books and Activities for Children

Cornucopia Collection

Anyone who has ever spent time with  young children knows that the right book at the right time can influence behavior.

Storybooks have been used to prepare a child for their first trip to the hospital, to help navigate through the emotions associated with the loss of a pet, friend or relative, and to prepare for the arrival of a new sibling.

Reading the story within the context of real life drama, gives the story an emotional “charge” that leaves a strong impression and influences behavior.

Cornucopia Collection© is a collection of storybooks that include food in the storyline. Each story is accompanied with an activity to provide the “charge” and to give the child a positive and fun experience of positive food choices, and an interest in food.

We’ve done lots of events:

  • In after school programs
  • Library readings
  • Bookstore readings
  • At church carnivals, PTA events, garden events, museum programs, camps, festivals
  • In classrooms
  • Childcare centers

All events include a basic taste workshop, to introduce children to a pure experience of sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami.

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